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The Toro T1/T2 Hex Cone Motorcycle Exhaust

The Hex Cone, a modern exhaust for your modern motorcycle, its compact design and conical shape allows you achieve extreme lean angles , if you ride like Rossi, without the worry of scraping your exhausts along the tarmac. Best suited to replace your stock low level muffler but can also be suitable for higher mounting depending on the look you wish to achieve.

As with all Toro motorcycle exhaust systems, you can expect an increase in performance, improved torque and a significant weight saving when compared with OEM exhausts. Toro exhausts are precision engineered to give you a smoother ride and produce a nice unique sound, without being too loud.


Toro Hex Cone Exhaust With The Gloss Carbon Fibre Finish

Gloss Carbon Fibre Finish


Gloss Carbon Fibre Finish

Gloss Carbon Fibre Cap and Body

Matt Carbon Fibre Finish

Matt Carbon Fibre Cap and Body

Matt Carbon Fibre Cap and Titanium Body Finish

Matt Carbon Fibre Cap - Titanium Body


Key Points:

  • Made from Premium Grade 304 Stainless Steel and 3K Carbon Fibre
  • Designed to fit without any alteration needed to the fuelling
  • Road legal with a removable baffle DB Killer as standard which is removed by simply taking out one bolt
  • Mounting Points are pre fixed on the Hex Cone with a CNC machined bracket on the Carbon Fibre options or precision welded tab on the Stainless Steel version
  • Supplied with a Stainless Steel fixing clamp for universal fit or with springs designed to fit with our link pipes
  • Fitted with a metal, heat resistant Toro exhaust badge
  • Available in Gloss Carbon Fibre, Matt Carbon Fibre or a Matt Stainless, 'Titanium look', with a Matt Carbon cap
  • Available on its own with as a T2 clamp fit or supplied with one of our link pipes with either a T1 spring or T2 clamp fit fitting

Like the Hex Cone and want to mount it higher? Then the Hex-x may be more suitable, available in two lengths with the same aggressive style end cap as the Hex Cone.


Weights and Dimesions:

Gloss Carbon Fibre finish: 1.340 Kg

Matt Carbon Fibre finish: 1.340 Kg

Matt Carbon Fibre and Titanium finish: 1.610 Kg

Diagram measurements are in millimetres.