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The Toro T2 Hex Motorcycle Exhaust

The Toro Hex exhaust is designed to be very versatile and would look good on any bike, from a super Sports bike like the Yamaha R1 or even a big tourer such as the Kawasaki ZZR 1400. The Hex features a zero degree end cap allowing it to be mounted to either or both sides of the bike making it a universal and cost effective addition to the Toro range.

As with all Toro motorcycle exhaust systems, you can expect an increase in performance, improved torque and a significant weight saving when compared with OEM exhausts. Toro exhausts are precision engineered to give you a smoother ride and produce a nice unique sound.


Toro Hex Exhaust With The Gloss Carbon Fibre Finish

Gloss Carbon Fibre Finish


Gloss Carbon Fibre Finish

Gloss Carbon Fibre Cap and Body

Matt Carbon Fibre Finish

Matt Carbon Fibre Cap and Body


Key Points:

  • Made from Premium Grade 304 Stainless Steel and 3K Carbon Fibre
  • Designed to fit without any alteration needed to the fuelling
  • Designed to slip onto any link pipe with a 51mm outer diameter or supplied with one of our link pipes designed for your bike
  • Supplied with a Stainless Steel fixing clamp for universal fit or with springs designed to fit with our link pipes
  • Fitted with a metal, heat resistant Toro exhaust badge
  • The Hex exhaust does not currently come with a DB Killer and is not available separately
  • Available on its own with as a T2 clamp fit or supplied with one of our link pipes with either a T1 spring or T2 clamp fit fitting

Like the Hex can but want a bit more! Check out the Hex-x, available in two body lengths of 255mm and 300mm, with a slightly angled end cap giving it a more aggressive look to the can. The Hex-x option comes with a removable DB Killer as standard but is currently only available for right hand fitting exhausts.


Weights and Dimesions:

Exhaust weight: 1.580 Kg

Diagram measurements are in millimetres.