Technical Information

What do the little icons mean on the product pages? This section explains all of that, plus more.


Spring Fit Icon

T1 SLIP ON – Uses stainless steel springs to secure the exhaust muffler to the link pipe, this option is only available supplied with one of our link pipes designed for your bike.

Clamp Fit Icon

T2 SLIP ON – Uses a stainless steel clamp to secure the exhaust muffler to the link pipe, we supply this option either as a standalone muffler for a universal fit to any link pipe with a 51mm diameter or with one of our link pipes designed for your bike.

DB Killer Icon

DB KILLER – Most of our exhausts come with a removable sound killing baffle as standard with the exception of a few, the baffle is simply removed via the single bolt.

Lifetime Warranty Icon

LIFE TIME WARRANTY – we offer an unlimited life time warranty with all our exhausts to give that extra piece of mind, this covers factory defects and premature failure, please note that the matt wadding inside the muffler itself is not covered as we class this as a wearable part and will need changing at some point in its life depending on how many miles you are covering.



Before you fit your new Toro slip-on exhaust make sure your bike is on a flat stable surface and preferably secured on either a centre stand or paddock stand, if the bike has been running allow time for your exhaust to cool down, as you don’t want to work a hot exhaust!

Check that you have all the necessary components and appropriate tools to carry out the exhaust change before you begin to remove your stock system, a bit of forward thinking now will save you time and a headache later.

When fitting your new muffler we recommend doing so loosely at first as this will help with final adjustments before tightening, once in place check for suitable clearance between the exhaust and swing arm then tighten all clamps and brackets. Once you are happy with the position re check the swing arm clearance once all clamps and bolts are tight.

Please note if you have chosen the T1 fit slip on exhaust we recommend using a spring puller, this will make your life a lot easier and will help prevent accidental damage to the exhaust.

Fuelling Adjustments

All our exhausts are designed to be fitted without the need to adjust fuelling with the exception of the GP muffler which will require setting up to gain the best power increase, failure to do so may result in a hunting/lumpy tick over and a possible flat spot low down in the rev range.

If fuelling set up is required this can be done in a few ways, for modern fuel injected bikes you can get a fuel control unit more communally known as a Power Commander and for carburetted machines there are many carburettor kits available which offer bigger main jets and needle jet options, this all depends on your bikes make and model.

We recommended fitting an aftermarket performance air filter with all our exhausts to achieve the best outcome when using a Toro exhaust.