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The Toro T2 Oval Motorcycle Exhaust

Keeping it old school couldn’t be easier with the Toro Oval exhaust mufflers, their simple yet stylish design is ideal for older sports bikes. You can to replace your old heavy stock system with our lightweight system without ruining look by going for a small stubby option, some bikes simply don’t look right with a coke can for an exhaust. The Toro Oval exhaust is available in two different end caps styles; the old school spout tip, for the traditional look, and a Carbon Fibre cap to help bring your bike up to date.

As with all Toro motorcycle exhaust systems, you can expect an increase in performance, improved torque and a significant weight saving when compared with OEM exhausts. Toro exhausts are precision engineered to give you a smoother ride and produce a nice unique sound.


Toro Oval Exhaust With The Brushed Stainless Steel Finsih And Spout Cap

Brushed Stainless Steel With The Spout Cap


All Brushed Steel Finish

Brushed Stainless Steel With The Spout Cap

Matt Carbon Cap - Brushed Steel Body

Brushed Stainless Steel With The Carbon Fibre Cap


Key Points:

  • Made from Premium Grade 304 Stainless Steel with a brushed finish
  • Road legal with a removable baffle DB Killer as standard which is removed by simply taking out one bolt
  • Universal fit for either the left or right hand side of the bike
  • Designed to fit without any alteration needed to the fuelling
  • Supplied with a Stainless Steel fixing clamp for universal fit or with springs designed to fit with our link pipes
  • T2 Clamp fit which is secured using a Stainless Steel clamp
  • Designed to slip onto any link pipe with a 51mm outer diameter or supplied with one of our link pipes designed for your bike
  • Available in Brushed Stainless Steel finish with either a standard spout tip or Carbon Fibre cap

Weights and Dimesions:

Diagram measurements are in millimetres.

Carbon Fibre cap Oval exhaust -

Weight: 2.160 Kg


Spout tip Oval exhaust -

Weight: 2.130 Kg